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Awaludin Kamarudin & Co. (NF 1624) or AKNCO was established in September 2017, and we are a member firm of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

The founder, Mr. Mohamed Awaludin Bin Kamarudin is a chartered accountant and practice certificate holder with the MIA.

He graduated from the University of Technology MARA in Bachelor's Degree and a Diploma in Accountancy.

He worked in various industries, such as retail in direct selling, retail in F&B and manufacturing, marketing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and also retail apparel.

Our Services

We provide bookkeeping, accounting, and reporting services for the preparation of the following statutory reports :

1. Statement of Financial Position (commonly known as the balance sheet)
2. Statement of Comprehensive Income (commonly known as the Profit or Loss statement)
3. Statement of Cash Flows.

As completing the above reports is compulsory, we will eventually assist you to prepare the following,

1. Record of financial transactions.
2. Bank reconciliation.
3. Preparation of fixed assets register and depreciation.
4. Preparation of deposits listing.
5. Updating payable and receivable dues.
6. Prepare accruals listing.
7. Stock Reports

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